Evergreen Park Ministry

Evergreen Park Ministry

There can be times when life’s problems overwhelm us…times when we feel at odds with others and with ourselves…times when we think and behave in ways that damage our relationships, compromise our self-respect, and extinguish our hope. It is at times like these that the Evergreen Park Ministry and our Care & Counseling Center is here to help.

EPM is a nondenominational, evangelical, and ecumenical ministry established for the purpose of providing pastoral counseling to individuals and families free of charge. Each of our Pastors is trained in the skills of counseling and the canons of Christianity. And each works with our clients to discover and develop the rational, emotional, and spiritual strengths they can call upon to face the problems that darken their days.

At the Care & Counseling Center, we understand that God never meant for us to go it alone. Our aim is to walk with others as they rediscover their dignity and life purpose.

Evergreen Park Ministry is a not-for-profit corporation licensed and insured in the state of Illinois. The Care & Counseling Center is not affiliated with any denomination or religious body. Ministry provided by the Center is understood to be pastoral care in nature and should not be construed as a substitute for consultation provided by other mental health professionals. Supporting individuals, congregations and institutions assume no liability for services provided. Theological statement, license, and incorporation information is available upon request.